If you have a colour vision deficiency, you are not alone. Colour Blind Awareness reports that there are more than 300 million cases of colour blindness worldwide. With this in mind, it’s clear that many people experience vision impairments in a variety of ways.

For example – Think about the colour of money, there is a wide range of colours on our cash so you can identify what is of what value. Not being able to see colour may result in you overpaying, or underpaying for goods.

When we can start travelling again, having a colour vision deficit and working out money in a foreign currency can be very confusing. For example, if you are in America all of their money is the same colour. Luckily in Australia money comes in different sizes as well as colour. The bright colours of Australian banknotes do help. Currently, cash seems to be on the outer, though in some areas it will be around forever. If you can’t distinguish between the colour of notes, here’s a great idea. This is also of value to people who have any other types of vision impairments.

Here’s a suggestion from one of our clients:

He has created a system to identify his notes, which he says is a common practice for people with vision impairments and helps to better manage cash. Our client (before receiving his iRo Lenses) folded his money in different ways in order to distinguish which is which.

  • $5s are folded in half vertically,
  • $10s are folded lengthwise,
  • $20s are folded in quarters.

We aren’t sure what he did with his $50’s or $100’s.

The point of this story is that having a colour vision deficit can affect people in many ways and while there is no cure, there is a solution. iRo Lenses help 93% of people who have trouble seeing colour. Not being able to see colour affects people on so many levels, from food choices, clothes, employment and even distinguishing between bank notes.

If you aren’t sure about the lenses many people try the testing kits first. If they see the magnificence of colour from there, the next step is the lenses. We can even make these into prescription if you require and in your own frames. Someone asked about children’s sizes recently and we can do those too. We are here to help.