Contrary to traditional belief, there is now a treatment for Colour Blindness.

There have been a number of colour vision treatments available for those with Colour Blindness. Most worked to a certain degree. After over 10 years of research, Optometrist, Ian Rosser has developed a colour vision treatment lens that treats 95% of all those afflicted with Colour Blindness or colour vision deficiency. You can choose between an Optical Lenses for Glasses or Contact Lenses.

Colour Vision Treatment

A professional on-line diagnostic colour vision treatment tool using the same procedure Optometrists use.

The iRo App will help you discover a world of new colours. INCLUDES the complete iRo Colour Blind Test and simulated lens filters to enable you to see which lens would suit you and the iRo Camera which allows you to take photographs and see the difference using an iRo Lens.


You can use this Kit for yourself, your family members, loved ones and friends to help colour their worlds.
This kit is available for those who do not have Internet access or Smart Phones. The Pack will guide you
as to which lenses will best suit you.

Watch the video to see how the kit works

The Kit contains

1 x Filter Set (6)
1 x Round Numbered Card Set (6)
1 x iRo Optical Lens Score Sheet
1 x App Store Logo
1 x Information/Instruction Book

Pass the Ishihara Test

iRo Lenses are specifically designed to assist those who have difficulty in distinguishing certain colours, especially reds and greens. These people are often referred to as being Colour Blind’. The more accurate term is ‘colour confused’, or what we have termed ‘iRochromatic’.

The solution to being iRochromatic
(Colour Blind) is iRo Lenses.

Because the degree of colour confusion is different for everyone, you need to determine the best iRo Lenses to help you by taking the iRo colour vision test. This will enable you to choose which of the six lenses or contact lenses is most suited to you.

The iRo App with the iRo Camera
which simulates the six different iRo Lenses