iRo Lenses
iRo Lenses come in different shades for different types of colour vision deficits.

The iRo lens ‘home testing’ kit will enable you to determine which lens is best suited for you, so you can enjoy NEW, MORE VIBRANT, colours for the very first time. This process is straightforward and comes with a step by step guide to assist you in selecting the most appropriate iRo lens for you. Or if you know your colour defecit you can purchase our iRo Glasses by clicking here

The filters in the home testing kit show you exactly how you will see your new more vibrant colours with your iRo lenses. You can take them outside, look around and see your amazing new world of colours and see the world in all its beauty. Click here to watch the video

Even if you don’t decide to purchase the iRo lenses in glasses, these filters will show you how vibrant all the colours actually appear.

To enable everyone to determine how effective an iRo lens may be we have developed a unique ‘home testing’ kit that will enable you to determine which lens is best suited for you.

We recognise that there are many thousands of people around the world who do not see colours to the same level of intensity as they could, but now they no longer need to endure that feeling of disappointment. iRo lenses can change your view on the world and see the full beauty it has to offer.

This process is very easy to follow and comes with a step by step guide to assist you to select the most appropriate iRo lens for you.

Once you have seen how amazing the iRo lenses really are and you wish to purchase the glasses, just find your nearest Optical outlet listed on our website to purchase your exact colour correcting iRo lenses, then you will begin to have a whole new appreciation of how vivid the colours of the world really do appear.



Human eyes can see many colours, however, the eyes can only perceive three prime colours of light. iRo lenses adjust the amount of each of the Three Prime Colours (Red, Green, Blue) entering your eye. iRo Lenses have been developed to increase the boldness of colours especially the reds and greens. They have colour enhancing properties that reveal greens to have more depth with increased definition and they prevent the washout of the shades of colour. They allow greater contrast between reds and greens and the various shades of these colours have increased brilliance.

Colour Enhancing Technology
Thanks to the several years of research and high-quality manufacturing process, the breakthrough in Colour Enhancing Technology has come with iRo lenses. Many people can now experience new, more vibrant colours for the first time in their lives.

You may already be experiencing a world of colour confusion where true colours are faded and dull. Some of the common combinations of colour confusion are red/green, red/brown, purple/blue, pink/grey and green/yellow.

With the new iRo lenses, we can help. The human eye perceives light through receptors in the retina at the back of the eye. These are called rods and cones. Cones are for colour vision perception and there are three types, red, green and blue, the lenses adjust the spectrum of light to differentiate colours more accurately.

See The Difference
Different perceptions of colour is an individual experience that can now be a much more enriching experience with the iRo Lenses

Quality of Life
iRo lenses are not a cure for Colourblindness. They enhance colour perception and they have already improved the quality of life for hundreds of people.

Beautiful sunsets and sunrises, fireworks and the stunning scenery of the Australian landscape are just some of the things that we take for granted. They can now be shared and enjoyed by everyone. Painting, gardening and school will take on a whole new perspective with many other new experiences to be enjoyed with your life-changing iRo lenses.