Ian Rosser Optometrist


After over 10 years of research, Optometrist, Ian Rosser has developed a lens which has special coatings and tints that treats 99% of all those afflicted with Colour Blindness.
Ian founded the practice in 1984 and since then has established himself with a fantastic reputation as a provider of professional eyecare services. He graduated from the Queensland University of Technology in 1980 with a Diploma in Applied Science in Optometry and in his time practicing he has accumulated a wealth of optical knowledge.
Ian has a passion for helping patients with colour vision deficiencies, early detection of macula degeneration and glaucoma through the use of our OCT machine and contact lens fitting including Orthokeratology. Ian was born and bred in the Gold Coast Hinterland and when he is not working he enjoys travel, golf and spending time with his family. To read more click here

Iro Lens Specialist Rossane

iRo Lens Specialist

Rosanne is a qualified and experienced optical dispenser. She has a wealth of knowledge in both colour vision and colourimetry assessments. She enjoys helping to choose the right colour corrective lenses (IRo lenses) for those with red green colour vision deficiencies, and with colourimetry she assesses appropriate coloured lenses to assist with learning difficulties or dyslexia.