Colour Blind Glasses & Lenses

If you are colour blind, or as we like to call it – iRochromaticTM, you are about to discover colours that you have never seen before with our revolutionary iRo Lenses!

How do iRo Lenses work?

What will I actually see when looking through the iRo lenses?

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Colour Blindness has lots of technical words associated with it. If you don’t want to know the technical stuff it is best to make an appointment with a qualified Optometrist, but for those who like the technical info, just click below –

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Imagine being an Electrician wanting to earn big dollars in the Mining Industry but you can’t pass the eye test because you can’t distinguish the different colours of the
electrical wires you are required to work with – not to mention dangerous!

This is where we come to your aid to help you never miss out on those dream opportunities of work that you always wanted. Our colour vision lenses and glasses give you the chance to prove you that you are completely in control of what you see. View our Practitioner page for your local Optometrist to find the right lenses for your vision. Our colour vision lenses are available throughout Australia and New Zealand for colour blindness treatment.


Unfortunately young children can be cruel to one another. If your child is colour blind they may colour a picture showing the sun in blue instead of yellow, a tree in pink instead of green and the sky in green instead of blue, giving other children the chance to tease them.

Rather than consoling your child later on, why not give them the perfect vision with our revolutionary lenses and glasses for colour blindness. Our iRo Lenses are designed for all types of colour vision problems including Protan and Deutan Colour Blindness. We have a number of qualified Optometrist Practitioners throughout Australia and New Zealand.


Have you ever gone to lunch with the girls wearing bright red lippy, an orange shirt and a pink skirt with burgundy shoes? You left home thinking you looked great only to have your girlfriends say “What were you thinking when you got dressed?!”

Another perfect reason to avoid embarrassment by choosing from our wide range of lenses and glasses for colour blindness. Don’t ever again feel like the misfit in your party and impress all your  friends with your flawless colour combinations and dressing sense like never before! Visit your local Optometrist for a colour vision consultation and find the right lenses for your colour vision deficiency.



I OMG – I can’t believe the difference! I already knew that I was colour blind but had always been told that there was no cure, so I have just tried to muddle my way through life. It is true, there is no cure. Until now nobody had told me there was a TREATMENT available for colour blindness! I purchased the kit, did the test and went straight to the website and ordered one pair of glasses for daytime use and a pair of contact lens for going out at night time. Now I can dress myself in coordinating colours and wear my favourite lipstick – sounds like little stuff but let me tell you it is life-changing. I just can’t thank you
enough and I am telling all my friends about you. It was fabulous to use the Green filter to be able to show my family and friends just how distorted my world of colour was. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you ever so much for helping me and solving my problems ….”

Gavin Thomas Nerang, Qld

I manage a local Lawn bowls club and was astounded that I did not see a change in the colour of the grass due to a fungal disease until I used the iRo lenses…… !! Now I use these job saving iRo lenses everyday and I love the new colours that I see especially all the greens. Thank you so much Colour Vision Optical, I take my iRo lenses with me wherever I go now….

Peter. Sydney

I always wondered why my wife used weird combinations of make up, until I saw her for the first time through my new iRo lenses!! Wow … she looks even more beautiful..!! Those reds she wears really do look stunning. I am so lucky….. Thank you. I highly recommend the iRo lenses to anyone who struggles with colours….

Gary. Gold Coast

Colour Blind Sight Centres

Location Contact Business Address Telephone Email/, Web Link

Queensland, Australia

Cairns Anthony Hannan – Optometrist AJ Hannan Optical Shop 134 Smithfield Shopping Centre Captain Cook HWY, Smithfield 07 4038 1247
Brisbane Michael Frawley South Side Eyewear Shop 18 Fairfield Gardens Shopping Centre, 180 Fairfield Rd Fairfield. QLD 4103 07 38925770
Brisbane Aphrodite Livanes – Optometrist EyeCare Plus Shop 43/71 Cambridge Drv, Alexandra Hills 07 3824 1878
Gold Coast Sophia Gerritsma – Optometrist Rosser Optometry 6 New Street, Nerang 07 5596 4749
Rockhampton Russell Cooper – Optometrist Russell Cooper, Optometrist Ross Building, 160 Bolsover Street 07 4922 6996
Townsville Virginia Henry – Optometrist Virginia Henry Optical Shop 17, North Ward Shopping Village, Eyre Street, North Ward 07 4724 1700
Toowomba Durkin & Black Optometrists Eyecare Plus Shop 38, Grand Central Shopping Cenre 07 46378892
Toowoomba Stephen Henry – Optometrist Stephen Henry Optometry Suite 3 Medici Medical Centre, 15 Scott St 07 4638 2641

New South Wales, Australia

Nowra Peter Rose – Optometrist EyeQ Optometrists 59 Kinghorne Street 02 4421 4511