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Purchase an iRo Lens Testing Kit

A quick simple check using our unique in home testing kit will enable you to determine your level and depth of colour vision deficiency and then see exactly which iRo lens works for you with the in home iRo Lenses testing kit.

The iRo lens ‘home testing’ kit will enable you to determine which lens is best suited for you so you can enjoy new more vibrant colours for the very first time. This process is straightforward and comes with a step by step guide to assist you in selecting the most appropriate iRo lens for you.

These filters in the home testing kit show you exactly how you will see your new more vibrant colours with your iRo lenses. You can take them outside, look around and see your amazing new world of colours and see the world in all its beauty. So even if you don’t decide to purchase the iRo lenses these filters will at least show you how vibrant all the colours actually appear.

This in home testing kit is more accurate than any online test and can assist in ascertaining what type of Red-Green colour blindness you have.

These kits will demonstrate how you will see new, more vibrant colours with the remarkable iRo Lenses.

To purchase your testing kit today click here/ or image above to find out more

Once you have seen how amazing the iRo lenses really are then find your nearest Optical outlet to purchase your exact colour correcting iRo lenses.

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