Here are few –

  • Rainbows aren’t colourful
  • “What colour is that?” is an often annoying question if you are colour-blind
  • Traffic lights red and green are hard to distinguish
  • Need to guess colours
  • Don’t know what autumn looks like
  • The sky looks purple and tree trunks green
  • Don’t realise when clothing/ sheets/surfaces have stains on them.
  • Have trouble telling if the food’s cooked thoroughly enough
  • Green crayons look red, and vice versa
  • Can’t tell what fruit that is. Eg cherry tomato, grape, or blueberry?—some grapes can be surprisingly small and blueberries big.
  • Honeydew melon, watermelon, cantaloupe? Cantaloupe or pineapple
  • LED lights and neon purple hurt eyes really badly
  • Can’t match clothing in colour
  • Sunburn goes unnoticed
  • People’s faces turning red, eg if they’re blushing. It looks pretty normal.
  • Don’t notice bruises
  • Can’t tell what colour people’s eyes are

 iRo Lenses can help with all of these

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People who can see colour take things for granted. People with a colour vision deficit have numerous things that they can’t see which can prove difficult on a daily basis.