When asked the question after someone finds out, you can’t see colour, “What colour is the traffic light?” or “What colour is my top?” People think you can’t get your driver’s licence because you can’t see traffic lights, but everyone knows what order they are in, so that is easy to understand even if you can’t see the colours correctly.

Think about the issues for people who have moderate to strong colour vision deficiency:

  • They don’t know if they have sunburn – they might feel the heat in the skin, but the skin doesn’t look red
  • How do they know if the meat is cooked?
  • In car parks, there are green lights over available spaces and red for occupied. How can they tell?
  • Flowers and fruit can’t be easily spotted sometimes.
  • How do they know if vegetables are ripe or not?
  • Picking a bunch of flowers that fit together nicely is impossible.
  • Decorating the house with furniture, wall paint…anything is very tricky
  • LED lights that indicate something is a permanent source of annoyance.
  • Maps graphics and car GPSs can be hard to decipher.
  • Not to mention matching clothes, that is the worst complaint we hear.

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