We are sorry to say the answer is No!.

In most cases, colour vision deficiency is a congenital condition based on an inherited genetic problem due to X chromosomes (read our Blog on this click here). Only some newly discovered form of gene therapy could give normal colour vision. Scientists are currently doing experiments with mice, trying to inject them with colour vision genes and revert their colour blindness.

But we are still far from treatment for humans as they haven’t had any success to date.

Though other types of colour blindness aren’t inherited, they can’t be cured either. Some people lack colour vision due to aging, drugs, alcohol, and other diseases. A bump to your head can also cause a colour vision deficiency, but it may rectify itself over time. The only possibility for colourblind people is colour correcting iRo
lenses. They can’t give you back normal colour vision but might help you broaden your perceived colour spectrum for 95% of people. This is no cure for colour blindness, but iRo lenses do help.