The first step if you believe you have a colour vision deficiency is to have an accurate diagnosis from one of our qualified Colour Vision Optical, iRo lens, Optometrists.

As colour vision deficiencies are inherited, diagnosis is usually not a surprise. That is unless the colour vision problem is related to the use of certain medicines or eye conditions. Discontinuing the medication causing your vision problem or treating the underlying eye disease can often ensure better colour vision.

If you or a family member have been diagnosed with colour vision deficiency, or if colour vision deficiency runs in your family, it may be helpful to speak to a genetic counsellor.

Genetic counsellors are health professionals qualified in both counselling and genetics. As well as providing emotional support, they can help you to understand colour vision deficiency and what causes it, how it is inherited, and what a diagnosis means for your or your child’s health and development. Genetic counsellors are trained to provide information and support that is sensitive to your family’s circumstances, culture and beliefs.

If colour vision deficiency runs in your family, a genetic counsellor can explain what genetic testing options are available to you and other family members. You may choose to visit a genetic counsellor if you are planning a family, to find out your risk of passing colour vision deficiency on to your child.

The Genetic Support Network of Victoria (GSNV) is connected with a wide range of support groups throughout Victoria and Australia and can connect you with other individuals and families affected by colour vision deficiency.

People who have a colour vision deficiency may be restricted from carrying out certain occupations where reliable colour recognition is required.

Common occupations that may have colour vision requirements include:

  • Police – as part of the minimum medical requirements, Victoria Police applicants are required to have a review of their vision by an ophthalmologist or optometrist
  • Maritime careers – while having colour vision deficiency does not prevent people from obtaining a recreational boat licence, it may affect your application for employment in maritime roles. Talk to prospective employers for advice
  • Defence force – colour vision deficiency will restrict the areas of employment that are available to you within the Australian Defence Force. A Defence Recruiter will be able to tell you which jobs are suitable for you.

In Australia, unlike some other countries, it is possible for people with colour vision deficiency to become:

  • pilots
  • electricians
  • commercial drivers.

There’s no cure for colour vision deficits but special iRo lenses can help. Our testing kits are a quick way to see how the lenses work as they are the actual lenses and can be mail directly to you. Click here to learn more 

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