Many people who have a colour vision deficit are curious to see what they are missing out on, and that is why they want to try iRo Lenses.

When trying on the iRo Lenses or even looking through the testing kits lenses, they immediately see a wider range of colours and notice a more vital vibrancy of colours, a lot more than what was “normal” for them without them. Depth perception is often improved as well, as the shades of colours become more visible.

The iRo Lens was developed by Ian Rosser, an Optometrist in Queensland who believed he could improve on the lenses available in the market. It took him ten years of research to develop the iRo Lens. Many people who have tried other lenses become disheartened as they don’t see any differences. Once they try the iRo Lens via the testing kit or local Optometrist, they are amazed.

Ian Rosser Optometrist Australia

Once people have seen the effectiveness of the iRo Lens via the testing kit, the next step is to visit one of our qualified iRo Lens practitioners in your area. Our testing procedure involves first determining the type and degree of deficiency. We do this with various methods, including computer-based tests that each person will perform themselves. The time taken will vary, but we always allow at least one hour because after the correct lens is determined, the person will wear the lenses to see how they change and enhance their world of colours. We also encourage each person to bring along a family member or someone close to them to observe the test, as this is the defining moment when true colours are seen for the first time. Many questions can arise, and it is a great time to share.

Our lenses work for 93% of people who have a colour vision deficit.

How do they work?

iRo Lenses selectively filter out specific light wavelengths to the point where the different coloured cones in your eyes overlap. They remove the mixed message the brain has while trying to differentiate colours. The lenses then give you the full ability to see the true colours around you. While wearing them, any symptoms of colour vision deficit will disappear, leaving you in awe of every colour the world has to offer.

If you are serious about correcting your colour vision, iRo Lens glasses* are available from $200. We also have clip-ons which are a cost-effective long term alternative as they are adaptable to any glasses you may wear, i.e. sunnies.

The first step is to try the testing kit, which we can mail to you. Click here.  See what you think and let us know as we love the good news stories.